About our agency

Since 1994 we have worked as digital business consultants specializing in Internet technology, social media marketing, & reputation enhancement. Our experience has taught us how to fix problems that are costing your business money and to find opportunities for increased growth. We are cost effective and fair.

For over 25-years we have had the pleasure of helping businesses increase awareness of their products and services. Compare our prices and you will see that they are fair, our results are priceless. Most client's report a 10 to 1 return on investment and others far more. What we offer is three level approach to digital marketing. Websites, Social Media, and Reputation Management. This balanced method will sell more products or services to more customers and represents you every day as a quality leader in your industry.

Experience That Counts

We are an agency with world-wide reach, offering personalized service and direct contact with real problem solvers. You'll get a human when you call our number, we like it that way, personal service that gets you answers the first time you call.

The founder, Jeff Watters, studied digital design & Internet programming at UMass Dartmouth while working as a technology contributor to the Conway Daily Sun newspaper and co-hosting the Community Computer Connection television show which taught people how to use and benefit from the Internet. Our experience includes working with businesses in real estate, musicians, fitness products, restaurants, hair salons, durable goods, contractors, service industries, and business to business services.

When Jeff started (1994) the Internet was new to most people. His job was to help small businesses publish online for the first time, to educate, and speak at public events. Mr. Watters has been in the business ever since. That is over 25-years of problem solving experience.

The agency has worked with experienced business owners & people who are just starting out. We can help you too.

The Story From The Founder

In the early 90's I get a call on my cell phone from an innkeeper in Hawaii. The lady on the other end says, I saw your television show and need help.

How can I help you I say?
I need to get more business, if this keeps up (the lack of room bookings) I won't make it.

Together we went over her online problems and I quoted her a price to fix those issues. It was money she was hard-pressed to spend. She was so upset I told her if I am unsuccessful I will give her the money back. She hired me. Three months later she calls me back to ask if I can turn it off! Why? She couldn't handle any more business coming from the Internet.

I have heard this same story from many businesses over the last 25-years. And over those years I have had many customers become friends. People tend to like you when you can do something for them. Nonetheless, I like helping people and love what I do.

Most recently a roofing company came to me with the same problem as the woman mentioned above. Same results, now booked into his slow season within months of starting with our program.

I like helping people and I like getting results where other companies fail.

How do I get results? Because I know those "tricks of the trade" other marketing companies don't know. The things you learn when you're at the same business for many years. It is the difference in hiring a skilled master carpenter, instead of the apprentice.

I invite you to take part of that program and get the market share you don't have now. Call 800-790-4541 to learn more.