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by Jeff Watters!

You have questions, I have answers.

Today I want to go over the 3 best questions you can ask yourself before contacting a web designer. Once you know the answers to these questions you will know what you want and what needs to be delivered upon completion.
Knowing how to answer these three questions will help you get results while keeping you on track to meet your goals.

The Big Three

What are your overall goals?

Overall goals are not the end result of your project but pointers that tell you what you want to achieve online first? Keep this in mind: If you go online generically you will never get the results you want. Be specific. Choose one thing and concentrate your content on one purpose. Once done, you move on to the next goal. Achieve one at a time and in a short time you will control your market.

Will your content focus on a specific challenge or growth?

Ask yourself where your page needs to focus. Certainly some topics need to be on secondary pages or even a second website. However, your primary site is for public relations and you won't want to deal with mixed goals there. So concentrate on either growth or answering a specific challenge. Otherwise you will confuse your marketplace.

What is the end goal?

Here is the holy grail of what you need done. Your end goal is what you need soonest. In fact, when combined with the other questions you have your company focus and more importantly, a way to measure your results when things are done.

Know the answers to these 3 questions?

I have worked with many people over the last 25-years. I know from experience how to get the results you want. Many entrapenuers aim, shoot, focus. So let's focus first. Then we can aim and shoot and hit your target, over and over again.

Let me bring your site to life.

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Why Choose JW?

Your customers need information from you that they cannot get without your participation. They need to know what you do, where you are and when you are open. Simple enough but Google won’t serve up your website if it is not there or not coded correctly. People rarely search beyond the first page of Google.

Having a website is crucial to success in business. Most businesses have one or two sites that promote their products or services. That can be expensive. So, I had an idea. What if I took my talent and helped my community by giving free websites to businesses?

Let me help you. All I ask if that you pay the incidentals, the hosting cost, and fees for registration. It isn’t expensive and is deductible at tax time.

Simple to Start

Gather the information you would include in a brochure. Choose the photo's you want to display. Call JW

What Happens

After a brief consultation you will have a new website with the domain name you chose. It is that simple. Your online brochure is shared with the world.

Plant your Flag

That's it, so simple to setup and don't worry, you can always make changes when they are needed.

What are you waiting for? Get online and get more customers. Call today.