Reputation Management

Online reputation is rapidly changing the way business conducts itself when dealing with the public. Your company may be a victum of bad reviews, sometimes maliciously placed by customers, former employees or even the competition. We fix reputation problems, where possible, that are costing you money and find opportunities to increase your business standing in the community, giving your business a new start. If you have been a victum of a bad review call us and get it fixed.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is the art of influencing a consumer’s perception of your business standing online. Reputation is managed by controlling what the consumer sees when accessing reviews, opinions, and posts included by Google, Yelp, and product star rating systems integrated on shopping websites. Reputation management systems assist consumers researching before making a purchase and therefore is extremely important.

You must make your company’s first impression as perfect as possible, otherwise people skip to the best available resource or at least the top three rated businesses before making a purchasing decision. In today’s market, perception is king and freely available for all to see whenever online shopping is being done.

Media developments in this field require your business stay in-sync with local markets because reporting from random people and social media websites can be affected by what is currently trending and sometimes to what is politically correct. Controlling reviews can be very profitable for your business, especially when you consider almost everyone makes some sort of comparison before making a purchase by both price and reputation.

Your company’s health and bottom line is the result of online reputation perception for new customers and customer service for existing clients. It is a social construct based on the opinion of other people who agree to share their opinions of your company.

Before the internet was developed, consumers desiring to learn about a company had few options. They had access to resources such as the Yellow Pages and newspapers but most relied on word-of-mouth from people experienced with a product or service or who were influenced by advertising. A company's reputation depended on personal experience then and does so in limited ways today. As an example, Amazon allows sorting by “Average Customer Review” or by price. Two of the most important key factors.

A company can grow healthy and expand its base with market perception of the brand. In other words, good reviews or at least fair reviews will influence people more than the price of the goods. Reaching those people may require online websites such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and your own web pages. In addition, media content, blogs, review sites and social media give a voice directly to consumers, even though those consumers may be unqualified to render an accurate opinion.

As an example, a person can highly rate a product such as a Ford automobile simply because they like Fords or have always bought Fords. That very same person can rate a Chevy with a low rating without ever owning a Chevy or having any direct experience with the brand. This is the very person that can ruin your brand because rating sites don’t care of the qualifications of the reviewer. This is where Reputation Management services come into play. Our agency can have some reviews removed and respond to clients leaving a review on your behalf. We can fix many problems and add thousands to your profitable bottom-line. Call us for more information.

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