Search Engine Optimization

SEO consultants specialize in constructing websites to target specific audiences and customer demographics. Search engine optimization experts bring visitors to your website & your social media pages by first researching and then building web pages with one (& only one) message per page. This specialized approach requires targeted messages that are applied over time to ensure a steady stream of new clients throughout the year.

Delaware Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to Search engine optimization, which is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your website. It can be done right or wrong. Badly done gets you a great number of visitors but not from the people who will buy your product/service. In the late 1990’s a client said they wanted a million visitors to their website. I replied, what you want is not a million visitors but rather customers who are interested in your product and are ready to buy.

Truly what your business wants is a customer who needs your service and can pay. The volume does not matter if your calendar is booked or have limited inventory without the immediate ability to acquire more. What matters is using a three-fold approach of attracting new clients, satisfying the needs of those clients, and building word-of-mouth business. If you merely want visitors you can advertise free naked women and your site will attract millions of people that will never use your business or ever make a purchase. Surely you get the point, I hope.

There is a right way to do things and SEO requires the improvement of organic results from search engines. It does not include direct traffic from people that type your website into the search bar or paid advertising. When you exclude those factors, what is left is called organic listings. This is where you need to concentrate by being specific and using the right “weight” of keywords, usually 7% or less per subject on a web page. More than that and your pages will be scored as spam and excluded from most searches.

SEO targets different kinds of information such as images, location (Delaware, for instance), videos, and news related to your business. One trick that still works is to add images to your website listings every day and to include your location in the metadata (again, Delaware and the town) on the page and within the images.

Optimizing your website will involve editing and adding relative content. That is the first step. Then you must be ready for push information, which is when a potential client in your market searches for what you sell. Finally, you need to keep current, something every client promises to do but always fails to do. Which is why you need an agency to do things for you.

Here is a brief success story of one client who came to us down on his luck. He was accustomed to having a great income but only had $10,000 left in the bank. His phone was not ringing as it usually did, and he was responsible for providing for his workers as he had for over 30-years. He had very little work on the books and wanted to know why things dried up the way they did.

We researched and found the problem was his competitor bought ads targeting his business name and budgeted a great deal of money to ensure he “went under.” Jeff Watters knows that man personally and doesn’t doubt that was his thought process.

This customer hired us and business is alive and healthy now, turning down work, and scheduling for the slower months in the winter. He told us that we saved his business.

That is what SEO truly is, getting the right people in the door so they spend money with you. Isn’t that what you want?

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